"Michael Birch Property Services have acted as the Managing Agent for our portfolio of factory units in Parow for the past 10 years. They have always acted in a totally professional manner and provided excellent service in rent collection, property maintenance and obtaining new tenants as and when any units fell vacant. They also provided invaluable help in overseeing the major renovation of the factory units in the past 3 years. " - Robert Kyle, Ireland


"As non-resident Investors, Michael Birch  has been acting for us in numerous capacities over a period of 15 years. His guidance has led to our achieving more than satisfactory returns for relatively old buildings which he guided us through the process of  total refurbishment in the last 3 years. We owe him greatly for his dedication to the task and would highly recommend his Company." - Alan Hendrick, Australia


"Michael Birch Property Management Services and ourselves walked a long road together.  I cannot recall a single hitch ever having occurred during all these years. Your organisation’s very capable handling of all aspects of the property management processes is greatly appreciated.   The careful screening of potential tenants,  maintenance of the buildings,  accurate control of accounts,  friendly staff,  all contribute to render a highly satisfactory and mutually beneficial relationship." Francois Burger, Cape Town